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Topics relating to transport

Herefordshire Council is responsible for over 2,000 miles of road, 723 road bridges and 11,700 street lights. This does not include trunk routes such as A49 and the M50 motorway, which are the responsibility of Highways England.

95% of Herefordshire’s land area is classified as ‘rural’ and over half of the population live in rural areas. 

With only four railway stations in the county, Herefordshire is particularly dependent on road transport.

The road network comprises mainly rural ‘C’ or unclassified roads leading off single carriageway ‘A’ roads.

The majority of residents who travel to get to work do so by driving themselves in a car or a van (70%).

The Herefordshire Local Transport Plan sets out programmes of work for achieving the council’s objectives for transport.

A second public consultation on the Hereford Transport Package (HTP)  is currently underway.  The HTP sets out a suite of transport and infrastructure improvements with the objectives of facilitating economic growth, improving regional connectivity, encouraging sustainable lifestyles, encouraging sustainable development, providing network resilience, improving air quality and reducing noise, reducing severance and improving safety.

The recently opened City Link Road will unlock brownfield land for new affordable housing and regeneration in the centre of Hereford.  A southern link road in the South Wye area will reduce congestion on Belmont Road and provide improved access to the Enterprise Zone at Rotherwas.  A planned Hereford Relief Road (HRR) will provide an alternative route for through traffic.