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Household tenure

There are 83,765 dwellings in Herefordshire, 68% are owner occupied, 18% private rented and 14% social rented.[1]  Herefordshire has a higher proportion of households who own their home outright and a lower proportion who own their home with a mortgage compared with England & Wales.  There has been significant growth in the private rented sector in Herefordshire in recent years from 9% of the total stock in 2001 to 17% in 2019 - so that 8% of the stock has changed over that time period to now being private rented. This is similar to the change of 9% seen in England as a whole. The analysis for this current report estimates that 18% of the stock in Herefordshire is now privately rented, implying a further increase since 2011.[1]

[1]  Integrated Dwelling Level Housing Stock Modelling and Database for Herefordshire Council, BRE, 2019.