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New population estimates published

Friday 24 February 2023 12.22pm

New population estimates show that Herefordshire's resident population was 187,600 in mid-2021.

This is the first mid-year estimate based on the 2021 census. We previously told you that the Census 2021 estimates for Herefordshire show a slower growth than expected over the last decade. This was down to an over-estimated net migration into the county that affected most ages under 55, but especially the 25 to 44s and children.

The following are a few key points from the Mid-2021 population briefing note:

  • The county still has an older population than nationally and numbers continue to grow
  • Numbers of children and working age adults have fallen over the last decade
  • There were fewer births (1.5K) than deaths (2.3K) in the year
  • Growth over the year was driven by net internal migration from elsewhere in the UK

Visit Understanding Herefordshire’s Population webpage for further information.

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