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Deprivation in your area

Note: The English Indices of Deprivation 2019 were released at the end of September, replacing those from 2015.  We will shortly be updating this page with the new data, but in the meantime, the Herefordshire data are available for download in the Domain scores for Herefordshire 2019. Herefordshire is a beautiful and relatively healthy place to grow up and live in, but as is the case elsewhere, inequality (differences in social status, wealth, or opportunity between people or groups) means some communities are more deprived than others.  People from more deprived backgrounds and communities can find it harder to access supportive environmental, social, and economic circumstances which can promote health and well-being (wider determinants of health).  In addition, poor access to supportive wider determinants of health makes it more likely that people will engage in risky lifestyle behaviours, such as smoking and substance abuse, which also have a negative impact on their health and well-being.

Deprivation is often associated with urban poverty and measures of deprivation are known to be skewed toward identifying deprived urban areas.  However, it is also an often hidden feature of rural communities.  Rurality has been linked to fuel poverty and social isolation, as well as creating barriers to accessing services and employment due to a reliance on private road transport.  All of this can have a significantly detrimental effect on physical or mental health, especially for the elderly and disadvantaged groups.  Deprivation, in combination with rural isolation, is also known to be a compounding factor in issues as diverse as loneliness, domestic violence, digital exclusion and excess winter deaths.

For information about deprivation within the locality in the aspects of (i) income; (ii) employment; (iii) education, skills & training; (iv) health & disability; (v) crime; (vi) barriers to housing and services; (vii) living environment, as well as overall multiple deprivation, download the relevant 2015 deprivation locality profile from the resource box.